An amazing Magic Box poem by Lily...

I will put in the box...

The largest elephant in the whole wide world,
The tip of a tongue from a UFO,
Fire from the dark depths of the Earth.

I will put in the box...

A huge frozen wave stuck in Antarctica,
A classroom with no children in it,
A sun the colour of lemon fizz.

I will put in the box...

A scale from an unknown beast,
An ancient grasshopper telling tales,
A cocoa bean coloured horse running free.

I will put in the box...

The first steam train ever,
A baby white star shining in the night,
A ten-thousand-year-old bear from Egypt.

My box is fashioned from silver, gold and wood,
With dinosaurs' bones on the lid and spiders' webs in the corners.
Its hinges are made of metal with a tint of magic.

I shall explore in my box in the African jungles,
I shall make a tiger coat and fall asleep.
We have been writing our own versions of Kit Wright's Magic Box poem. Here is an example from Liam:

I will put in the box...
Fire from the nostrils of a Chinese dragon,
The forbidden gates to the underworld,
The tip of a tongue touching a fang,
An eclipse and a meteor shower happening at the same time,
The rebirth of King Arthur.

I will put in the box...
The fresh, new warm summer sunflower,
The smell of a fiery, fireburst drop of dragon's blood.

My box is made of...
Six jewels from six beasts,
Tokens from other realms,
Fangs from a magnificent dragon,
The wings of a roc - indestructible steel.
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